Breast reduction

M. Lejour method for breast reduction

For breast reduction or mastopexy without silicone implants we use the M. Lejour method with incisions only around the nipple-areola complex and one short vertical incision below the nipple-areola complex, the so called “vertical scar method“.

In some cases this method includes liposuction of the lateral parts of the breast. It provides the best postoperative results regarding breast shape, and scars are not visible (in comparison with the classic “inverted T method“). In breast reduction/mastopexy, sensitivity of the nipple is preserved by using the so-called superior or superomedial pedicle technique.

For very large breasts – the free nipple method

In the case of very large breasts (in which a reduction of more than 800 grams on each side is indicated) we use the “free nipple“ method, which includes resection of the breast glands and transplantation of the nipples to their new position.