Breast augmentation

In breast augmentation our goal is to provide the best natural-looking result for our clients. A 20-year period of experience in esthetic breast surgery can guarantee reliability and safety for our patients.

Best silicone breast implants on the market

For breast augmentation we use only the best silicone breast implants on the market: Allergan and Mentor (USA). The new generation of implants enables us to provide the optimal breast shape, volume, and projection.

Besides, the new-generation implants also make it possible to lift the ptotic breast without additional incisions and scars. By using implants with extra high projection and a wide base we can lift the ptotic breast in cases of glandular displacement and breast ptosis grades 1 and 2.

In almost all breast surgery- augmentation as well as mastopexy – we use the “dual-plane“ operative technique to achieve the best interaction of the pectoralis muscle and breast glands, which provides the best results in shape, volume, and projection of the breast.

breast augmentation

All breast surgery procedures are done in general anesthesia, but for patients who are reluctant about general anesthesia we can perform breast augmentation under local (tumescent) anesthesia. In that procedure the silicone implant is placed below the pectoral muscle fascia to avoid direct contact between the implant and the glandular tissue of the breast. The only requirement for this method is that the patient has enough subcutaneous fat tissue. The procedure is not recommended for very slim patients.

For patients who do not want silicone implants for breast augmentation we can enlarge the breasts by using the patient’s own fat tissue (from the stomach area, buttocks, legs, and other locations). The preparation of the fat tissue after harvesting and before transferring it to the breast is of extreme importance. We use the best method for fat preparation –

the Akademikliniken Stockholm method

It ensures the best fat cell preservation and consequently a minimal postoperative resorption of fat cells. Hovewer, if some of your fat tissue remains after the procedure, we can safely store it for 3 months in case additional lipofilling is required.