International patients

  1. Online consultation
  2. Free treatment plan
  3. All-inclusive packages


We have a range of services for our international patients, with support and assistance for every aspect of your stay.

This service starts with an online consultation with our doctors. Please give upfront as much details as you can, providing photographs (recently taken, side and front on). We will personally review your information and your online consultation will follow, either via correspondence or a Skype video consultation.

If you decide to have surgery, you will then be helped through the process of information and planning, with our patient advisors maintaining regular contact in the lead up to the procedure. They will also discuss your accommodation requirements and explain the surgery’s post-operative options, so everything is planned and ready when you arrive.

Most of our international patients choose to stay at private apartments, a short distance from the clinic. If you prefer to stay at a hotel nearby, we will help you find a suitable solution. After your surgery you will receive the extensive post-operative services and personal care which we provide for all our patients. This ensures that you receive a schedule of post-surgical consultations and care. If your surgery is more extensive, or you might prefer to spend a night in the hospital after your surgery our experienced nurses will look after you in our facility.

The duration of your stay in Zagreb can depend on the type of surgery, individual healing process and the possibility of medical aftercare in your home country. The advised minimal stay is 4 days after breast augmentation, 7 days after breast reduction, 1 day after liposuction, 5 days after blepharoplasty and 5 days after rhinoplasty.

There is a range of wonderful things to see and do during your stay in Zagreb.