Patient testimonials

I must admit that after my nose operation at the SINZEZA Polyclinic it is much easier for me to bear the exertions that top-grade professional tennis requires on a daily basis. Only after having finally started to breathe normally, thanks to Dr Gjuric and his expert team at the SINTEZA Polyclinic, I realized to what extent such a basic physiological action like breathing may contribute to succeeding in sports at the highest professional level.

Marin Čilić

Dear Dr Gjuric, once again I would like to thank you and your team at the SINTEZA Polyclinic for helping me to solve my longstanding problems with breathing and my nasal septum. Besides finally being able to breathe freely, I have also noticed that my playing has improved considerably. You have probably heard that I reached the Doubles finals at Wimbledon this year, and I am convinced that your expertise and the operation I underwent at your Polyclinic have significantly contributed to this success. I was suddenly able to breathe like never before. Often during a match I remember how I used to suffer, and now everything is going smoothly. Thank you very much. See you for the check up.

Ivan Dodig

My name is N.M. from Yokohama, Japan. Many great thanks to Sinteza Clinic team for your kind support to my wife who suddenly got sick while in Zagreb. We safety returned home from a trip to Croatia yesterday. Your judgment, treatment and overall help were outstanding and we plan to re-visit Croatia in future because of beautiful nature and good people. Best regards


Dear Dr. Gjuric,
I would like to let you know that I am thrilled that I choose you and your clinic for my rhinoplasty. You have given me a nose that I always wanted to have. It looks amazing and I am very happy with my "new look". You made a perfect nose that looks natural and suits my facial features.Your staff and your clinic exceeded all my expectations. Everyone was friendly, knowledgable and went out of their way to meet my needs. You sacrificed your time to accommodate my travelling schedule and my return to Canada. For that I am truly grateful. Yours truly

MH, Toronto, Canada

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