Prof. Miroslav Kopjar, M.D., Ph. D.

 born in Zagreb in 1945, Croatian nationality and citizenship, has completed his primary education in Zlatar and Gymnasium in Zagreb in 1964.

Academic and professional education

Graduated at School of medicine, University of Zagreb. Specialist training in gynecology and obstretics( started at General Hospital in Varaždin in 1972 and continued at Department of gynecology and obstretics, Clinical hospital center in Zagreb) and specialist exam in 1976. Finished a postgraduate study Oncology and urology in 1987(Accuracy of diagnostic ultrasound for detection of gynecological tumors). Doctor of medical science(Scoring system in uninvasive diagnostics of ovarian endometriosis), School of medicine, University of Zagreb in 1996. Primarius title recieved in 1988. Certification in advanced operative laparoscopy; accreditation council for gynecological endoscopy, New York Academy of Sciences, USA, in 1999. Since 2002. member of the Academy of Medical Sciences in Croatia and since 2003. Assistant Professor in department of gynecology and obstretics at School of medicine, University of Zagreb.

Positions in Health Institutions

Head of Department for Gynecological Urology at General Hospital in Varaždin(1978 – 1983), Head of Department in gynecology and obstretics at General Hospital in Zabok(1989 – 2002), Head Master of Medical centre Zabok(1994 – 2001). He conducts many activities in a scope of health care in Krapina-Zagorje County.

Activities at Croatian Physicians Assembly and at the Academy of Medical Sciences in Croatia

President of the Croatian association for gynecological endoscpoy since the foundation of the institution, Vice President of the Croatian association for endoscopic surgery, Vice President  of the Association for ultrasound in gynecology; member of the governing board of the croatian association for urogynecology; president of the Board for legislation and organization of the CMA(1996 – present); member of the Governing Board of CMA(1993 – present); member of the working group on School of medicine i CMA for drafting the statute and foundation of Croatian Medical Chamber; regular member of the Academy of Medical Sciences in Croatia since 2002.; member of the Governing Board of the Academy of Medical Sciences in Croatia(2008 – present).

Positions in health care sector

President of the health commission of Krapina – Zagorje County County Council since 1997.; member of County Council and Head of Health Care of Krapina – Zagorje County(1992 – 1993); Crisis Management Committee Comander of Krapina – Zagorje County(since 1993); president of the Governing Council of Institute of Public Health of Krapina – Zagorje County(1996 – 2000).

Awards, honours and acknowledgements

Charter of the Croatian Medical Association for contribution in medical science and for development of health care in Croatia in the year of 1994; Croatian country war Memorial honoring in the year of 1995; Supporting member of the Academy of Medical Sciences in Croatia in the year of 1997; “Ladislav Rakovac” reward in 1997; Krapina – Zagorje County Plaque in 1997; Decoration of the Order of “Danica hrvatska s likom Katarine Zrinske” (1999).

International acknowledgements

Certification in advanced operative laparoscopy – Accreditation Council for Gynecologic Endoscopy,  New York Academy of Sciences, USA, 1999; Entering “2000 outstanding scientists of the 21st century” International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England, 2001.; “Great mind of 21st century” (field of medical sciences), American Biographical Institute, USA, 2001.

Membership of international associations

American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists; International Society for Gynecolocical Endoscopy; Ineternational Urogynecology Association; European Society for Gynecological Oncology; Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons; National Vulvodynia Association; Chronic Pelvic Pain Society; European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy

Scientific and proffesional activity

Under the management of dr. Kopjar, Medical center Zabok has become a General Hospital. Personnel was brought and educated for foundation of all departments that are compulsory for recognition of a General Hospital status. Department of  gynecology and obstretics of General hospital Zabok has become one of the leading centres in gynecological endoscopy education. Thereafter, all the requirements were met for construction of a new and modern building of  General hospital Zabok(construction started in 2005).

In the year of 2000, at the General hospital Zabok and University of Zagreb School of medicine, dr. Kopjar had organized a postgraduate course of I. Category in gynecological endoscopy, with participation of leading domestic and foreign experts. Moreover, he had organized several symposiums on the gynecological endoscopy. Postgraduate course of I. Category in gynecological endoscopy has become a part of a regular professional education of physicians at the University of Zagreb’s School of medicine. In 2005, 6th course of I. Category in gynecological endoscopy took place, and, since 2004, bears a name of the creator of endoscopic surgery “Kurt Semm”.

Likewise, dr. Kopjar has organized a “Laparovaginal surgery” symposium. Within the Medicine and technics fair and the Croatian Congress on Telemedicine, he had organized ” Minimally invasive surgery – a golden standard for third millenium” symposiums. Within those symposiums, laparoscopic surgeries were live transmited from Zabok and Dubrovnik to Zagreb and Makarska. In 2002 he had organized, along with the American association for gynecological laparoscopists, a “World Congress on Gynecological Endoscopy and 1st Croatian Congress on Gynecological Endoscopy” in Dubrovnik(5th May 2002).

In 2006, in cooperation with American and European association of gynecological endoscopists, he had organized a new World Congress of Minimally Invasive gynecological surgery and 2. Croatian Congress of Gynecological endoscopy with participation of world’s leading endoscopists.

In 2001 he was a lecturer in “Translating science into practice” congress that took place in Orlando, USA. He also participated as a guest lecturer on the Congress of gynecological endoscopy and innovative surgery in Berlin in 2002 and also was one of 12 lecturers on precongress course in gasless laparoscopy. Assistant professor Kopjar was a vice president and guest lecturer on Ultrasound in gynecology Congress in 2005. In the same year he was nominated as an instructor in advanced endoscopy(on animal models) in Strasbourg( Advanced LPSC Master Suturing). Besides that, he was appointed as an instructor on European Institute of Telesurgery.

Contributor in editorial board of Journal of American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists and Gynaecological Surgery – Endoscopy, Imaging and Allied Techniques magazines, member of editorial board at Gynaecologia et perinatologia magazine and reviewer in many other magazines.

Ministry of science, technology and informatics has registred General hospital Zabok under number 0227 in register of legal entities for science and research at Ministry of science, technology and informatics(class 640-02/00 ur.Br 533-01-00-2), which ensures its participation in scientific projects.

Education abroad

Since 1982 onwards, dr. Kopjar attended more than twenty professional education courses in a world acknowledged centres for urogynecology (at Prof. Semm in Kiel, father of gynecological endoscopy; at Prof. Rich in USA, who founded laparoscopic histerectomy; at Prof. Kadar in USA, leading laparoscopist in gynecological endocrinology; at Prof Clark in USA, gasless laparoscopy; several times at Prof. Wattiez in Strasbourg, education in urogynecology, LPSC oncology and MESH; at Prof. Querlaua in Toulouse, gynecological oncology; in international endoscopy educational centre ClermontFerrand; at Dr. Gallinat in Hamburg, minimally invasive gynecological surgery in Daily Hospital.

Present Activities

Assistant Professor Miroslav Kopjar, M.D.,Ph.D is one of croatian gynecologists who practices a gynecological endosscopy for a long time. Assistant Professor Kopjar had, during his educational visits in a world acknowledged centres for laparascopy, percieved advantages of laparoscopy video endoscopy, and, as first in Croatia, introduced endoscopic method as standard method on his gynecology department in General hospital Zabok. The number of laparoscopic surgeries farly exceeds number of conventional surgeries. Furthermore, he had, through individual and group education, done a lot to popularize induction of minimally invasive surgery in departments for gynecology in Croatia and other countries in region. Dr. Kopjar was the first who had published an article on laparoscopically assisted histerectomy and first who had induced gasless laparoscopy, which is crucial for laparoscopic gynecologic oncology. He is one of gynecologists that laparoscopically removes pelvical and paraarotic lymph nodes.

He shares his knowledge gladly with other colleagues, which is visible through  his participation and organization of scientific and expert courses, as well as postgraduate studies, where he critically evaluate advantages and disadvantages of laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Kopjar has refined some details in surgeries that are already published, e. g., endoscopical correction of uroincontinention, gasless laparoscopy and introduced original application of figure-of-eight hemostatic stitch on lateral fornics in birth canal with belonging parimetria arteria uterina branch, which is at the same time the ureter security stitch from possible damage during the final removal of preparation from the birth canal.

He has published 14 scientific works(10 were quoted in Current Contents), around 100 expert works and Congress statements, where some of them have scientific features. He was quoted 15 times till present day. Dr. Kopjar is editor and writer of “Gynecological Endoscopy” as well as a co-writer in: Levine, R.: Gynecological laparoscopy; Kruschinski, D.: Gasless Laparoscopy, Pasic, R: Laparoscopy Cookbook, Klapan, I. i Čikeš, I,: Telemedicina 2001. godine; Eljuga, D: Terapija karcinoma ovarija i Klapan, I: Telemedicina u ginekologiji iz 2005.

Dr. Kopjar participates in scientific projects: Cardiopulmonary Circulation in emergency conditions at Institute for emergency and intensive medicine KBC Zagreb; Incontinence problems in older women at

Clinic for gynekology and obstretics Petrova; Computer supported 3D surgery and telesurgery at ORL Clinic Šalata; Screening of the ovular carcinom at Clinic for gynecology at OB Sveti Duh; and also he is going to be the bearer of the scientific program Comparation of evaluation  of quality o life after laparoscopic and abdomenal histerectomy.

Long-time lecturer at numerous postgraduate studies at the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb as are: Perinatology, Ultrasound in clinical medicine – gynecology and obstretics. Protection of mother and child, Telemedicine, Anestesiology, Reanimatology and intensive treatment, Emergency and intensive medicine, Occupational medicine and Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology( in english language).