Prof. Davor Mijatović, M.D., Ph. D.

Born in Zagreb, Croatia 6. November 1964. Primary and high school in Zagreb.

  1. study of medicine, Medical school Zagreb, University of Zagreb
  2. University of Zagreb rector prise and Fondation Jakupčević prise for the best student scietific paper in 1987.
  3. M.D. degree, Medical shool Zagreb, University of Zagreb
  4. Clinical Hospital Sisters of Mercy-probationer
  5. Department of Anatomy, Medical school in Zagreb – assistant

1991.-1995. Croatian Army Medical Corps

  1. Clinic for Surgery, University Hospital Zagreb – resident (general surgery)
  2. Master of Science degree (natural sciences, biomedicine)
  3. Ph.D. degree (fundamental medical science-anatomy)
  4. WHO partial time consultant (Albania)
  5. Medical Board Examination – general surgery
  6. education in plastic surgery: Austria and Switzerland (Innsbruck, Wien, Graz, Bern, Zurrich, Lugano)
  7. education in plastic surgery: USA, UK, South Africa, Brasil, Argentina (new York, Baltimor, Washington D.C.,Los angeles, San Diego, Johhanesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Parana, Buenos Aires, Mar de Platta).
  8. Medical Board Examination – Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  9. Head of Department for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery – University Hospital Zagreb
  10. Assistan Professor of Surgery, Medical school, University of Zagreb
  11. National trainer for reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery, Croatian Breast Academy
  12. director of Regional education center for breast reconstruction
  13. Professor of Surgery, Medical School Zagreb, University of Zagreb